Our Company

In line with the development wheel rolling across Indonesia in order to improve the prosperity and welfare of the people of Indonesia , in accordance with the goals and ideals of the nation , the entire people of the people of Indonesia are required to participate in all aspects of development in order to realize the goals and ideals of the nation. We say that the main purpose of TRIKARYA PELINEM company is in addition to commercial enterprises are also able to mobilize trained professionals in their respective fields through education and continuous training.

TRIKARYA PELINEM company, has prepared all the capabilities of both human resources / expertise , capital , and management tools that support these efforts in order to provide the best service to the consumer goods / service user. With all sincerity and keihklasan the young people who join the noble spirit of TRIKARYA PELINEM company which was established on 14 July 2010, which has a collective experience of more than 3 years , trying to independent and participate in building the nation.

With a relatively young age TRIKARYA PELINEM company, with all the challenges and obstacles that exist in the construction of ready to sail and meet the challenges and obstacles in question. TRIKARYA PELINEM company that since the establishment tries to access the field of goods / services with disciplinary expertise and experience and consistently to keep abreast of developments and technological advances. Based on the experience that has been owned , professional experts in their field and are supported by adequate equipment , TRIKARYA PELINEM company ready to become a partner of various parties , both departments in the central government , government agencies at local , state, enterprises , as well as private parties to do the job.


Building under construction with crane, on top of blueprints, mortgage applications and energy rating


Our Background

Since the start of the five year development program ( lamp ) proclaimed , marching swift development in all fields. To fill out the meaning of the construction of the application and adjustment of knowledge as a basis for the development of several scholars from various disciplines , forming a business entity with full TRIKARYA PELINEM company ideals.

TRIKARYA PELINEM company , managed by experts in their field and force young professionals who have a concern for the development , prosperity and welfare of the nation as a whole without neglecting environmental aspects and provisions applicable. The main goal of TRIKARYA PELINEM company is to provide the best service in the various sectors in both private and government .

Our Goals

In detail destination consulting services as well as the container body as well as :

  • Container dealer several experts in their respective fields to contribute labor and mind . Containers participation in the success of government programs in the field of ministry .
  • Containers decent employment and enable the development of personal abilities for all personnel . Positive contribution to the development and progression of Indonesian business